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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Now Comes the Hard Part

So now that I've finished dicking around with the fictional material on Undead and Inhuman, the time has come to get to the difficult task of plotting the damn thing.

Now, it's true that I think plotting is about as fun as paying my bills, but its a necessary thing to go through.  Every writer ought to just suck up the fact that it needs to be done.  I know there are some you out there screaming and pulling out hair about how unfair I'm being and that I'm a monster trying to stifle the creative cream welling up in the loins of your brain.  I'm not.

Believe me, I've tried to go with the flow on writing.  The first draft is supposed to suck, so why not vomit on the page and sort it out later?  And I'm sure that works for some, but not for me, and I can really only be an authority on myself and my own methods.  To me, revision is the easiest part of writing because I'm not making things up for the first time.  If I fly by the seat of my pants in the first draft, what I'm really going to end up with is something so convoluted that I'd have to chuck it to the garbage and start over again.

So the reality is that plotting is a way for me to save time.  Yes, the first time around, it'll feel like I'm Captain Kirk climbing El Capitan, but once I get it down, that mountain will be as easy as Spock in a pair of gravity boots.

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