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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Updates - January 2014

Happy...*Checks calendar*...2014, everyone!  I hope you all had a great holiday and that the year's gotten off to a solid start.  I've been keeping busy and I just wanted to touch base on what's been going on.

I resumed work on my zombie novel In the Dust of the Earth the other day.  It's gone through a lot of plot changes since its incarnation as Frantic, but I'm not ready to talk about it.  Suffice to say, I'm working on a zombie novel, and that's all I can reveal for now.  Rather than doing the whole book in one go, I'm writing it chapter by chapter, at least for a while until I get to the end when I can look at the book as a whole.  I'll be ready to talk more about it when I get through the first chapter.

Undead and Inhuman is still alive, but there's no way I'll make it in time for the January 15th deadline for Blank Fiction.  I'm still working on the first draft!  But I'm not so worried about it.  If I can't submit it to Blank Fiction, there are still other places I can send it to.

I'm also working on a short story called The Roar Shack as part of a series of submission I want to send to Penumbra.  That's also been neglected over the holidays, but I still got a couple of months to make the submission deadline.  And it's a shorter piece, so it should be finished much faster.

I've also been slacking off on the Andrew Ursler series.  Man, if my writing were children, Child Services would be all over me right now!  I really want to get back on the horse with that project.  I think I'm going to try rotating between Undead and Inhuman, The Roar Shack, and the Andrew Ursler series, focusing on only one on any given day in addition to working on my novel.  I know it's fairly low on the priorities list, but even after over a year, a lot of it is still fresh in my mind, and I want to get it down on paper before I forget any of it.

Most of the writing I've done over the holidays has been for Carpe Nocturne as I try to meet my next deadline.  I've got a film review ready to go, two that I'm polishing up, and a book review that I've yet to get started on.  There's just a few chapters left before finishing the book.  I've just got to focus on finishing it in time for the deadline in February.

It all seems like a lot, but really it's mostly a pile of smaller works.

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