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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Alpha and Omega Sentences

John Irving said he needs to know the last sentence of his stories before he can start them.  They give him a target to aim for.  That makes sense, but as I began a new short story earlier this week, I started to think that Irving's logic is in reverse.

I need the first sentence, something to build off of.  The last sentence is always a problem because it's the culmination of everything that came before it.  And even if you're a plotter and got your story roughed out on note cards, the finer details of the story - tone, specific events, little hints planted earlier, etc. - might not match up to that perfect finale.

Put another way, Irving's method is like building a house before laying the foundations.  I'm not saying he's wrong.  What works for him works for him.  I'm just saying that I don't understand how you can expect to reverse engineer from a single sentence.

I guess John Irving and I could settle the matter with a wrestling match.  On second though, scratch that.  Irving may be in his seventies, but I'm pretty sure he could still kick my ass. 

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