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Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mario Piumetti is a freelance writer of science fiction, horror, screenplays, and nonfiction. He has a bachelor's degree in English from California Lutheran University and an MFA in creative writing from Antioch University. An avid music lover, his work is heavily influenced by rock, punk, and metal. You can contact him at mario.piumetti.writer@gmail.com.

Friday, August 2, 2013

No Tomorrow: Day 24

Day 24, or as I like to call it, Jack Bauer Day.

Not much to report today.  Just going clickity-click on my laptop and getting the words out.  A short post doesn't necessarily mean that not much is going on.  It just means that nothing especially earth-shattering happened.

And yes, I am writing while watching author interviews on Youtube; Max Brooks, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, and a few with Chuck Wendig even.  It's a bit like music for me.  Or maybe a constant pep talk as I hear these guys discussing the early days of their writing careers.

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